Critics kind...

"ingeniously fun...giddy, sunny and seductive" (New York Times)

"felt excruciatingly wonderful - this is modern music at its best" (Etelä-Suomen Sanomat)

"Everybody loves Jukka Tiensuu" (Hufvudstadsbladet)

"Fascinating! Almost unbelievable" (Uusi Suomi)

"If this is not music, the worse for music." (Aamulehti)

"Jukka Tiensuu's influence on the contemporary Finnish music scene is virtually beyond compare." (FMQ)

"One of the great individualists of our time" (Partituren)

"I cannot recommend these records too strongly for the often thought-provoking experience that these gripping and beautiful works have to offer." (

"originality is exactly what it will be when the almighty Tiensuu rules over the fury of the elements." (Hufvudstadsbladet)

"Music that is rigorously intelligent, sonically lustrous, and delightfully irreverent" (

"Jukka Tiensuu, the most fertile and fanciful of Finland's middle-generation composers." (The Times)

"When listening to the CD, one is highly impressed by the unbelievable imagination and inventivity of the composer." (Pizzicato)

"This music races and raves, splashes, explodes in well-calculated detonations, storms in a quarter of an hour by all possible heights, depths, lengths and widths and is on top of all tis temerity also extremely catchy" (

"Shrieks of prehistoric beasts echo over magmatic plains...Jukka Tiensuu will stretch the appreciation envelope of late romanticists, delight modernists, and wow audiophiles!" (Classical Lost and Found)

"Audiophiles will want to take this CD along the next time they audition new equipment." (Classical Lost and Found)

"Tiensuu's music will surprise many." (American Record Guide)

"Tiensuu's expression already approaches the brightness of Zen" (Rondo)