Program note?

Take your pick:

1) Wouldn't it be rather mischievous to give an openminded listener unnecessary prejudices for a piece that he or she is about to hear for the very first time? Important in a composition are not the thoughts of the composer but the thoughts the music incites in the listener and the small enlightenments they may lead the listener to.

2) All comments before a performance of a piece would only narrow the listener's focus, direct his attention away from the plethora of alternative interpretations and prevent him experiencing the music on his own terms. I'd rather have everyone's associations fly freely and let the music speak for itself – which it does only better when the creator gets out of the way.


3) Tiensuu has systematically refrained from providing his works with programme notes. In renouncing the role of spokesman for his own music, he is trying to grant his audience the full joy and responsibility of reception. This attitude is an unqualified vote of confidence to the eloquence of music. (Harri Suilamo, 1992)